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"My Journey & My Mission"

I worked in a bank for five years before starting with a law firm as a legal clerk preparing Wills, Power of Attorneys and completing estate files and real estate files from start to finish. Being one of my Dad's primary Caregivers and watching him slowly descend to Dementia, I decided to take the End of Life Doula course. I completed the End of Life Doula course through Douglas College in November, 2022.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner, having began my Spiritual Journey in 2011. During the pandemic I received my Meditation Teachers Certificate Level 1 from The Peace Room.


I completed the main component of my 'Shamki' course in 2018 and continue to take new courses as offered. Shamki is the study of Earth Medicine as taught by a local practitioner. Today, I incorporate both my Reiki and Shamki in my EOL Doula practice.

Having a Death Doula empowers you to start making your own plans, wishes and decisions for your transition. It is extremely gratifying, and helps reduce the potential stress around having other people (some of whom you may not know) making those decisions for you.

My mission is to bring awareness to the public regarding 'Advanced Care Planning' ("getting your ducks in a row", logistically and emotionally) and helping to alleviate any anxieties or fears of dying for individuals and their loved ones.

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