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Helping Ottawa Valley families prepare and loved ones transition

Whether you are in the middle of saying goodbye to a loved one, preparing for the death of an aging parent or starting to wonder about the best way to get your own affairs in order: you are in the right place.

"From Life..."

For many of us, the idea of (us, or someone we love) dying can ignite a great deal of anxiety, fear or sadness. But there is beauty in death, as it helps us understand the true value in the lives we have lived and memories made.


The Urban Death Doula helps open up conversations that empower others to "get their ducks in a row" and "leave no unfinished business" (logistically, emotionally and energetically) so that they, and those around them can move through this inevitable chapter with as much grace, ease and compassion as possible.

"To Death..."
  1. End of Life & Advanced Care Planning

  2. Pre-Death Rites, After Death Rites

  3. Grieving and Bereavement Support

  4. Release Rituals & Honouring Ceremonies

  5. Legacy and "Leave Behind" Gifts

  6. Reiki, Energy Work & Emotional Support

"Allow yourself the freedom to prepare, and bring comfort to loved ones as they begin their transition"

As a longtime resident of Pakenham, ON and Law Clerk I've spent most of my career helping others compile Wills, Power of Attorneys and completing estate files. In 2022, after watching my father descend into Dementia and prepare for the end of his life I became a certified Death Doula, and now help make that transition easier (spiritually, emotionally and logistically) for others. With a focus on alleviating anxieties, fears and offering proactive strategies a Death Doula can strengthen families and help individuals feel significantly less alone during one of the most difficult times of their lives.


Donna Fulton

"The Urban Death Doula"


— introducing —


Leaf Stem

"I highly recommend Donna. Having Donna as a compassionate listener, along with her knowledge in the healing arts will benefit any family that she supports."

Heather Brown - Holistic Reiki


"Where do we start?"


Ask Questions

Knowing your options is key. Whether you are asking for yourself, or for someone you love The Urban Death Doula can help answer questions surrounding end of life care, grieving and legacies.


Planning & Preparation

Starting to make plans early can significantly help reduce the stress and concerns you and your family may have as you enter those critical chapters. Luckily we have resources and guides to help!


Support & Services

Explore specialized services designed to help create comfort, ease and acceptance. Built for families and individuals, a Death Doula helps guide others through their options with dignity.

FREE: Advanced Care Planning Guide

Get help starting the conversation, and figuring out what plans and considerations will need to be made for you and your loved ones.

Received! Your Planning Guide is on the way!

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